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A complete beginner package with TONS of resources 

P 11,111

My system worked for Them and it will work for you!


Former OFW that finally resigned and is doing Ecommerce business in the PH. Mentored by Coach CJ 

Leo Regalario


Freelance Graphic Artist. Mother. Selling physical products part time and very active in bazaar.

Vanessa Lyka Penetrante


Serial Entrepreneur. Doing Ecommerce business part-time. 

Syrra Laine Salisi


Chatbot Specialist. Live Seller. Mom. Ecommerce Seller.

Hazel Olaguivel

*Earning as of. Different background, zero knowledge, absolutely part-time and they earn even without spending money on ads.

Imagine building a business that not only empowers you but also liberates you to live life on your own terms.

Without spending a lot of money to achieve it! 

Hello and welcome to Ecommerce University (Former OFF University).

One of my core values is FREEDOM. 

- Freedom to choose the life you want. A life that you truly want and not what society defines for you.

- I want a business that revolves around my lifestyle. And not a business that I will be a slave to it. 

- I do not want multi-million dollar companies but I do not get to sleep 9 hours, or watch Netflix whenever I want or spend time with my kids. 

- I will dictate what kind of life I want. 

- And this is what I teach in this course. 

- As long as you have laptop and internet, you can begin this business anywhere in the world, and spend 1-2 hours studying. 

- Since 2017, I have helped 5,000 students do the same. 

- I have also built a community of 365,000 members who pursue the same lifestyle as I do.

What we'll cover

Zero TO 100K Selling on Ecommerce

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Private consulations

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Shopify Masterclass

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Facebook Ads 

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Business Coaching

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Life coaching

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I have 30 years as a leading expert in this industry with a proven track record.

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The Ecommerce University
(Former OFF U)
Inside the Training we will cover....

Product Research

Based on the criteria we will discuss on the course, we will find the profitable products while considering if there's a market who will buy your products.

Launching your Shopify store

We will create your store from scratch! And you will pat yourself on the back after you see your wonderful creation.

Facebook Ads

Be ready to launch your store! We will cover basic to advance Facebook Ads. 

Finding Suppliers

We will find quality and trustworthy suppliers. This include selling local (in the PH) or even as an international seller.

Alibaba Masterclass

We will tap this great sourcing site to find and negotiate your first sample products.

Scaling from 0 to 100k 

We put together everything you need to build a profitable store. If you follow all the lessons to the T, I am confident you will be running a very simple yet profitable store in less than 30 days. 

Coach CJ Cajoles has been featured in these platforms:

What They Say About Joining our Masterclass

Frequently asked questions

What if I don't have a business yet?

I teach you step-by-step how to find products based on the criteria we will discuss on the class. Once you have a list of potential products, me and other coaches will help you validate your idea and find great suppliers.

Is it okay if I have zero idea on Ecommerce?

100%. This class is really made with you in my mind. The videos are designed to help you from being someone who has no idea at all guiding you to someone "Ah gets ko na!" level.

If I don't want to be a seller but I want to be an 

E-commerce VA, does this work?

Yes! In fact, a huge percentage of graduates did not really push on their own stores. Because running your own brand really is extremely challenging. But many of them became specialists. Jumping from $3/hr to a whooping $50/hr and more! They even opened their own E-commerce Agency. 

I am very busy right now, what are the schedule of classes?

All videos are self-paced and recorded. So you learn depending on how fast or slow your schedule is. The live Q&A will happen once or twice a week. And these are also 100% recorded. 

Why 365 days lang? Why not lifetime access?

Para ma-push ka! Your dreams have deadline. Do not slack off because in your mind "Oh I got  this lesson lifetime." You only have 365 days to act, so every second counts. Plus on the tech side, it changes from time to time so we need to keep up and update ourselves as well. 

What if I need additional support aside from the course?

I got you! Head over to the weekly calls and we will answer all your questions. Also, if I have free time I do respond to the questions one-on-one. 

You want a Sneak Peek?

Watch this video as I take you inside the masterclass I built for you... 

P 11,111

This is not only about Ecommerce...
I want you to live as your most empowered self....  

"More than a mentor"

Coach CJ is more than just a mentor, she's a life coach. She selflessly shares her knowledge and pushes you to be the best version of yourself. I appreciate how she changed my mindset through her courses. I have a long way to go but I'm sure with her guidance and my determination, there's no doubt I'll reach my goals.

Kristina Sol 

"Tuloy ang Support"

Sobrang daming matututunan. Sobrang hands on pa rin kahit na tapos na ang ecom class nyo.

John Panganiban

"Coach even in life"

Coach CJ is a great coach not only when it comes to e-commerce and freelancing, but also in life. I thank Coach CJ for the opportunity to start something that can help me build a life that I have dreamt of.

Emma Trinidad Ignacio


As an ex OFW, the 15k i paid for her course was the best investment i made. 'Earned my first 7 figure monthly sales applying what i learned and i still keep learning as she keeps on sharing more and more ways to better our lives. That's how she loves & takes care of those who trusted her.

Dell Zerreitug

"She changed my life."

People might say it's exaggerated but coach Cj really changed my life and my perspective about life. She doesn't only want you to learn how to earn 6-7 figures monthly but she also want you to learn about life. Yup, a life coach too! The 15k investment of the course she offered has opened so many opportunities for me!

Gladdys Jane Gontinas

"She transforms lives."

She is very inspiring and motivating speaker. She transform people’s lives.

Anna Liza Ara-Madredijo

"Gamit na gamit ko ang knowledge."

Gamit na gamit ko lahat ng knowledge sa course. Kahit paulit-ulit na madapa, as long as andyan ung knowledge, kayang bumangon ulit.

Hindi ko alam paano mag-traditional business now kung hindi ako nag OFF U. Maraming salamat!

Jac Opena

"More time with you coach sana"

I hope to have more time with you Coach so that I can go on with what I want in life and what to do with my life..

Rej Rondina

Get Live Support From Other Coaches & Fellow Students As You Build Your Business


Very powerful to be with your fellow entrepreneurs. People with the same vision, struggles and dreams as you are. When you're stuck, ask your questions in a group setting and see how we learn from each other and grow our business and selves together.


You will never be alone. In times where doubts and confusions will visit you in the middle of the night, you will find a tribe... a family that you can talk to. Connect with us and be empowered. You will realize borrowing someone else's strength empower both of you and the entire community.

P 25,000

P 11,111

You're Covered by our 7 day money back guarantee! 

See what it’s like to build your business with me and with the entire community for the next 7 days completely risk-free.

If you decide E-commerce University is not for you, send me a message for a full refund on your investment.

To be eligible, I need you to have completed the STEPS on the Mini-Course I gave you. Once you have done it and you still feel this is something you think is a waste of time or not for you, send me a message. 🙂 


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